Patanjali Yog Peeth (TRUST)

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Patanjali Gurukulam

“Apart from higher education, we want to provide education based on Indian values or indigenous by including veda-vedang, Indian culture, refinement, history, yoga, meditation, patience, and good behaviour through gurukulam so that the students can attain success in their life. We want to instil refinement in the patajnali gurukulam students who can competent enough to get rid of materialistic effect of the western world. Therefore, we want to prepare enlightened and intelligent students at patanjali gurukulam. The graduates of our institution must not depend on others to search job. Instead, they can generate job on their own and provide job to others. We want to present gurukuliya tradition of great vedic rishi culture through patanjali university and patanjali gurukulam.”
– Param Pujya Yoga Rishi Swami Ramdev Jee Maharaj
Patanjali gurukulam is the junction of sanatan arya knowledge tradition and modern education system. At patanjali gurukulam apart from modern education, we are developing the great leadership through refinement. Earlier, great leadership were groomed at gurukul where the students had capacity to define true and false through studying shashtravidya, polity and economics apart from veda-vedang. The honest, patience and righteous people had prominent place in the family, the society and the country. Unfortunately, the country’s leadership is being groomed at convent schools, Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and Massachusetts. Today, experts, leaders and intellectuals lack the sense of spiritualism, India, and self esteem. We are developing human beings filled with a virtue of India, spiritualism and self esteem through patanjali gurukulam and other educational institutions. Patanjali gurukulam will play a pivotal role in grooming the great citizen for the country.”
– Param Shradheya Acharya Balkrishna Jee Maharaj
Patanjali set up on January 5, 1995 through divine dedication and great efforts shown by Param Pujya Yogarishi Swami Ramdev Jee Maharaj and Ayurveda Scholar Param Shradheya Acharya Balkrishna Jee Maharaj developed as mammoth tree. Public welfare services of patanjali in various fields are being seen as a ray of hope for the entire country. Panajali gurukulam is one of those fields.
“In previous issue, we have presented patanjali yoga campaigner prakalp. In this issue, patanjali gurukulam of divine prakalp of education is being presented”


Patanjali gurukulam was inaugurated on June 3, 2017 under the kind guidance and blessings of Param Pujya Yogarishi Swami Ramdev Jee Maharaj and Shradheya Acharya Balkrishna Jee Maharaj. Patanjali gurukulam is the junction of sanatan arya knowledge tradition of vedic gurukul set up by ancients saints and modern science, technology and professional educational system of modern era.
Presently, this divine prakalp of education is being developed in three branches. First, second and third are being run at patanjali gurukulam devprayag, yogagram and patanjali yogapeeth-2 respectively where 250 students are studying in ancient vedic knowledge tradition.

Philosophy of ‘patanjali gurukulam’

It aims at developing enlightened and capable souls. Its main objective is to develop the family, the society, the nation and the world at physical, mental, intellectual, spiritual, social, economical and political level.

Patanjali gurukulam and our plans

  • Vedic scholar building scheme- To develop authentic scholars in context of subjects like – grammar, philosophy, upnishad, veda, vedic literature, Indian authentic History and rajdharma.
  • National leadership building scheme of modern India – intellectual and national leadership must be developed to set new record in various fields like- technology, management, arts, music, drama, agriculture, crafts, research and industry. We are instilling glory, utility and attraction of both the schemes in the mind of children. Pujya Swami Jee Maharaj is of view that as per age, the children start to lose possibility of one percent improvement and gain one percent awakening. Through knowledgeable efforts, we can increase this awakening from one percent to 10 percent at physical, intellectual and spiritual level.

Achievements of gurukul

Apart from imparting education, various co-educational activities are provided for the students for their overall development like sports and exercise competition, singing songs, quiz and impromptu competition, writing competitions in three languages. Expression skills are being developed in the students through poems and writing. The students got many prizes at division and state level apart from gurukul. All the teachers are trying hard to create competitive atmosphere among the students. In the first year, many students of patanjali gurukul proved their mettle at the state level in entire Geeta kand recital, singing songs and other competitions.

Main characteristics

  • As researcher of separate education system, modern syllabus has been included in the campus equipped with ultra modern facilities apart from sanatan shruti tradition at patanjali gurukulam.
  • According to traditional vedic gurukul system, the students are made expert in Sanskrit, veda-vedang, upnishad, philosophy apart from English language, English speaking, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Arts and Crafts and Sports as per the modern education system. Patanjali gurukulam aims at instilling vedic civilisation, refinement and human values among the students.
  • The education aims at building multifaceted and overall personality. Patanjali gurukulam’s main objectives are to develop the students at physical, mental, emotional intellectual and spiritual level. The yoga and havan performed at patanjali gurukulam are playing an important role in it.
  • According to vedic gurukul system, all the students are required to undergo thread ceremony before initiating into education.
  • Patanjali gurukul is the centre of the best educational systems of the East and the West.
  • Focussing spiritualism and character building, patanjali gurukul is being set up as divine workshop of future social and national leadership.
  • The students are provided indigenous lifestyle and fully aesthetic and nutritional diet based on yoga and ayurveda.
  • The great educationists and teachers offer their guidance and blessings to the students from time to time.
  • The new and the creative activities have been promoted at the campus.
  • The students are taken to education tour for various purposes.