Patanjali Yog Peeth (TRUST)

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Ophthalmology Clinic & Research Center
For the first time opthalmology is being practiced with Ayurveda and we are pioneering this field. We have modern essential setup of ophthalmic instrumentation for diaglosis and prognosis and evaluation of each case for ocular conditions and diseases. In future, we intend to undertake speciality Ayurvedic therapies for different eye disorders like age related degeneration, allergic conjunctivitis, rise in power of classes diabetic and hypertensive retinopathies etc. In this modern equipped Ophthalmology Clinic & Research Centre we are going to establish scientifically the knowledge of ancient india.
Ophthalmology Clinic & Research Centre at Patanjali Yogpeeth has been established with all essential diagnostic equipments including facility of operative procedures.
Our aim is to treat various eye diseases by integrated approach of both Ayurveda & allopathic system of medicine and to conduct various surgical procedures wherever necessary. Functioning of eye department includes management of eye diseases by conventional methods and also to conduct.
Research Work
The department is equipped with following world class superior technology equipments:
Slitlamp Bio Microscope
This enables detailed examination of anterior segment of eye.
Auto Refractometer
It is computerized testing of refractive state of the eye, exact measurement of refractive error is obtained with the push of a button.
Non Contact Tonometer
It is an electronic equipment and it’s special feature is recording of intra ocular pressure of the eye without touching the eye.
Applanation Tonometer
It is a special device particularly useful is management of glaucoma.
Keratometer & Lensometer
These are very useful in measuring corneal curvature & measuring power of the lens respectively.
Scanning of the Eye
Is done by equipments ‘a’ scan and ‘b’ scan. They are useful to conduct biometric evaluation of the eye& orbit.
Cryo Unit
Management of few eye diseases is done by using cryo freezing of pathological ocular tissues and in management of some retinal diseases.
Octopuss-Automated Perimeter
This is the latest technique of assessment of field of vision and it is immensely useful in early detection of primary open angle glaucoma and it is also helpful in periodic checkup, assessment of prognosis and follow up.
Apart from above said, there are other surgical equipments such as zeiss operating microscope to conduct various operations.
it is also proposed to get laser equipments which are extremely useful in treatment of retinal diseases such as cases of diabetic retinopathy etc.

Every effort is made to treat patient with modern diagnostic aids and management of degenerative conditions such as age related macular degeneration/ retinitis pigmentosa by integrated approach of ayurveda and allopathic methods. Extend skilled care and management of all ocular diseases by treatment of eye diseases is done by ayurvedic and allopathic methods and the emphasis is of research work in management of degenerative diseases

Services Offered -O.P.D Block
  • Eye examination
  • Assessment of reprivatize error by auto refractometer (computer testing)
  • Assessment of Intra Ocular Tressure by Non Contact Tonometer.
  • Field recording by computerized automated perimetry.
  • Services offered -Surgery
  • Cataract surgery
  • Glaucoma surgery
  • Posterior segment surgery
  • Lacrimal sac surgery
  • Lid surgery
  • Trauma surgery
  • Laser treatment
    • Yag laser treatment
    • Flourescein angiography
    • Laser treatment of retinal diseases
  • Imaging-a scan b scan
  • Glaucoma clinic
  • Contact lens clinic
  • Orthoptics clinic
Tariff for Various Investigations of Ophthalmology Clinic
  • Free Consultation
  • Computer Testing for Refractive Errors
  • Contact Lens Clinic
  • Management of Glaucoma with Diagnostic aids
  • Such as NCT and Auto perimeter
  • Scanning of Eye by ‘A’ Scan ‘B’ Scan for Conducting Biometry
  • Management of Squint
  • Management of Degenerative Diseases by Ayurveda
  • Surgery of Cataract, Glaucoma, lacrimal Sac By Advanced Techniques
Product Name MRP
Computerized eye testing & Prescription of glasses Rs. 50/-
Eye testing for PFC Rs. 50/-
Colour vision testing Rs. 40/-
IOP Recording by NCT Rs. 50/-
Flourescein staining Rs. 40/-
Lacrimal Syringing Rs. 50/-
F.B. Removal Rs. 50/-
Removal of Concretions Rs. 50/-
Indirect Opthalmoscopy Rs. 50/-
Suture Removal Rs. 100/-
Product Name MRP
Conjuctival Irrigation Rs. 50/-
Perimetry One eye Rs. 250/-
Perimetry Both eye Rs. 400/-
A- Scan Rs. 100/-
Kerotometry Rs. 100/-
Auto Kerotometer Testing Rs. 200/-
Orthoptic Treatment for squint cases ( Per sitting ) Rs. 50/-
Glucometer blood Suger testing Rs. 50/-
Routine eye Check up vision refraction IOP fundus Examination Rs. 100/-
Total eye check up Rs. 600/-