Patanjali Yog Peeth (TRUST)

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Gaushala Agriculture Farm

A Cowpen (Gaushala) has been established at Gurukul Gaushala Farm where about 200 cows of Haryana & Sahiwal are being reared.The mission for the preservation, improvisation and manufacture of Ayuvedic Products requires cow milk, cow urine, dung etc. The dung obtained from Gaushala is being used as compost manure or bio-technical manure so that the organic food grains, fruits, vegetables, milk can be obtained. Biogas is being produced from dung with which the daily needs of ashram are being fulfilled. The domestic breed of these cattle like Sahiwal & Haryana are being used to increase the cattle breed so that the cows can be respected and protected. The Gaushala has been made in about ten thousand Sqft. area.Abig size biogas plant waste converting machine, urine distillation units are also available on the farm. The units for utilizing bullock power and Panchgavya Research & Training Centre have also been started at Gaushala Farm.