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I was suffering from prostate cancer and the weight of my prostate was 125.6 grams. Adenocarcinoma of prostate was found in my biopsy report. Since last three months I practised Pranayam in morning and evening for one hour each regularly and now I do not have prostate cancer. Now the weight of my prostate is 19 grams.

- Chandramohan Rawat, Post Gugrali, Ashok Nagar, Madhya Pradesh

I used to urinate with much difficulty. I got myself checked and was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate gland. Doctor suggested chemo-therapy. It was not possible to get a permanent cure with allopathy. I started doing Yog and Pranayam as told by Swamiji. Now I have completely recovered and my reports are normal.

- Bajrang Lal Rathi, Ashok Vihar Phase-1, Delhi

I was diag nosed with cancer of testicles in 2003. Doctors suggested operation. I came to know about Swami Ramdevji and I started practising Pranayam regularly and took Ashram's medicines. Now my condition has improved.

- Mohd. Farudiq, Karaali, Meerut City, Meerut

I was diagnosed with cancer of urinary bladder in 2004, I took a lot of medicines but there was no relief. I started practising Yog and Pranayam as per Swami Ramdevji's advice and now all my reports are normal. I am practising Pranayam regularly and today I am totally healthy with the blessings of Swamiji and leading a normal life.

- Manoj Kumar Singh, Nasik Road

The medical test done before treatment shows cancer in urinary bladder, which was normal after treatment.

Cancer of Throat

I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer three years back and came to know about Patanjali Yogpeeth from a close relative. I took treatment from Patanjali Yogpeeth, Hardwar and practised Pranayam as per Swamiji's guidance. Now thyroid gland is functioning normally and CT scan report was also normal. My condition has improved totally.

- Pushpak Rani, PAC Road, Muradabad

I was suffering from thyroid gland cancer. Chemotherapy was not beneficial and I was very worried. I am practising Swamiji's Pranayam since last one year after watching television programme. There has been a lot of improvement. Before practising Pranayam a lot of pus used to be formed in throat but now it has stopped. I am totally healthy and I have got second life with the blessings of Swamiji.

- Santosh Kumar Soni, Boli Bagh Road, Reeva, Madhya Pradesh


I was having a tumour in throat for the last two years, which was detected as cancerous. I was operated one and half years ago at Kailash Hospital, Indore. Doctors suggested chemotherapy but I did not go for it. I visited Hardwar and the tumour was cured within three days with Ayurvedic medicine. This was a miracle and I started practising Pranayam after one month. I am not taking medicines since 8 - 10 months and Pranayam is giving me complete relief.

- Kamla Soni, Bada Bazaar, Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh
I was suffering from cancer, because of it I was not able to speak properly and there were lumps in my tongue and cheeks. I was not able to move my right hand. I took many allopathic medicines and I was given chemo twice however it finally did not work. My health detoriated. I lost my
appetite and due to weekness I used to feel giddy. My haemoglobin level was also very low. I felt helpless, I used to pray for death. I started Yog and Pranayam for 3 months. I got unbelievable results and all my ailments got cured. I am doing Pranayam from last 8 months and I am not taking
any kind of medicine.
- Deepshikha, Kolkata
Breast Cancer
I was suffering from hereditary cancer. My mother, sister and others have also died due to this disease. I was suffering from tumour in breast since last four years. I was very scared and had all hope. I consulted many specialists but they said it was incurable. I took chemotherapy a few
times but it recurred. I took part in Yog camp of Swami Ramdevji and started practising Pranayam. I took wheat plant juice etc. and there was a lot of improvement in my condition. After a few months the tumour dissolved and now all the reports are normal. I am enjoying good health. There is no symptom of cancer after practising Pranayam. I have become an active member of Yog revolution. Swamiji's Pranayam has proven to be a blessing for everybody.
- Shailaja Yadav, Mahendragarh, Haryana
I was suffering from breast cancer and was operated once. It recurred after three years. I started practising Pranayam since the last six months and there has been a lot of improvement. All my tests are normal and I have recovered completely.

- Anjum Patel, UK

There was light and piercing pain with heaviness in my breast. While getting down from stairs or due to accidental pressure I used to get unbearable pain. I consulted various doctors and in the reports it was diagnosed as breast cancer. I am doing Pranayam from last one year and now I am absolutely healthy. I am able to have a normal daily routine comfortably. I do not have any pain or heaviness in my breast. I have been given new life all because ofSwamiji.
- Amitrani Banerjee, MB Road, Kolkata
Intestinal Cancer
I was diagnosed with intestinal cancer which started spreading. I got operated followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy. In my second  operation, about 1.5 feet part of intestine was removed. I am doing Pranayam regularly since February 2005. I tested negative for cancer in August 2005. For last 8- 10 months, I am not taking any medicine and I am totally healthy.
- Smt. Nirmala Srimali, Khargaon, MP



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