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I was very weak since the past two to three years. I used to have mild fever, headache and weakness. The blood tests showed HIV +. I was depressed, treatment was not beneficial and I thought my life was coming to an end. Then I practised Swamiji's Pranayam and Ayurved and there has been a lot of improvement in my condition. Now I am leading a stress-free life and this is all because of blessings of Swamiji. I have discontinued allopathic treatment.

- Surjeet Singh, Amritsar, Punjab

I was diagnosed HIV positive four to five years back. I consulted various allopathic doctors but there was no relief. I was very disappointed and wanted to commit suicide. Then I took treatment from Swamiji. Regular practice of Yog, Pranayam and use of Ayurvedic medicines has improved my condition. Now I feel very healthy.

- Krishnabhai Patel, Kutch, Gujarat

I was HIV positive for the last three to four years. I took lot of medicines but there was no relief. I did not get any kind of assurance from doctors instead I became more afraid. I used Ayurvedic medicines and practised Pranayam, there is a lot of improvement in my condition and I feel much better. I am positive that HIV positive will become negative one day.

- Kaushalya Devi, Dehradun

I was very weak since three years and had mild fever. Blood tests revealed that I was HIV positive. I took a lot of medicines but there was no relief. Then I took Ashram medicines and practised Pranayam regularly. My condition is improving gradually.

- Kantaben, Gujarat


Coronary Artery Disease, Angina Pain, Myocardial Infarction, Rheumatoid Heart Disease

I was suffering from breathlessness since 2003. I had heart disease and could not sleep for several nights. I could not even turn on my side. I had tumours on hands, legs, and spinal cord. I was very furstrated and was tired of consulting doctors and taking allopathic medicines. My health has improved since the day I started practising Pranayam. Pranayam has become the basis of my life. I thank God and Swamiji for everything.

- Tara Babbar, Kankarkheda, Meerut (UP)



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