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Blood Cancer (CML/AML etc.)

My daughter was diagnosed with having blood cancer two years ago. I have taken her to many big hospitals but got no relief. Her condition deteriorated. I came in contact with Swamiji and made my daughter to do regular Pranayam and gave her wheatgrass juice, Giloi juice and basil leaves. Slowly my daughter Hina's health started improving and her blood report is normal. Now she has completely recovered. I get regular check-ups done, doctors say she is completely alright. Swamiji mission of Yog and Pranayam is the ray of hope for incurable diseases.

- Ghanshayam Jais for daughter Hina, Navi Sukurvari Mahal, Nagpur

I was suffering from fibrosancoma, I sought treatment from many doctors but I gained hardly any relief. On the contrary my problem aggravated. Then I started Yog and Pranayam exercises as told by Swamiji and now I am much better.

- Ram Darshan Rai, Jhujjar, Patna

I was suffering from blood cancer. My situation was very bad and all doctors lost hope on my ailment. Then I got myself treated from Patanjali Yogpeeth, Hardwar and since then I did Pranayam everyday. Now all my reports are normal and because of Swamiji’s grace this miracle has happened. I devote my life to Swamiji.

- Akshay Kumar, Bolangir, Orissa

The report before treatment showed cancer, whereas the present PSA report shows that cancer is under control



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