Patanjali Yog Samiti
Patanjali Yog Samiti (Yog-Teacher Committee)
H.H.Swami Ramdevji ’s dream is “Entirely healthy India & healthy world.” Ours is a vast country. A large part of its population lives in villages, where it is dearth of electricity. Dish facility is not available there. In addition, some places in urban areas like prisons, schools, colleges, religious places, administrative establishments & business houses etc. don ’t adopt Yog & Pranayam in their daily routine. H.H.Swami Ramdevji initiated in the direction to spread the revolution of Yog & Pranayam everywhere and he selected & trained volunteers personally. H.H.Swamiji then called trained Yog Teachers to go to their native places & teach this science to people around them free of cost. About one lac Yog Teachers are part of Patanjali Yog Committee now. They are teaching & training people in different part of our country & abroad free of cost.

Code of Conduct & Norms of Patanjali Yog Committee

1.   Patanjali Yog Prashikshan Committee will henceforth be known as Patanjali Yog Committee and banners made earlier carry the name as Patanjali Yog Prashikshan Committee will be used till the new banners are ready. You will soon receive the new designs of banner, poster, pamphlets, and letterheads through CD soon.

2.   Our political outlook is all party friendly/independent and therefore all Yog Teachers are expected to work without any political bent. A person associated with a political party, if a patriot, spiritual in nature & has good character, then he is welcome to be our Yog Teacher. Members of all political parties may associate with our noble mission with complete dedication, selflessness and devotion, but they will not hold any office of authority in our Committee at any time or place.

3.   All Committies should prepare a list of Principal & Associate Yog Teachers in their respective districts and send it to the head office at the earliest. Ensure that even a single name of a Yog Teacher is not missed. The General Secretary, Secretary and Organising Secretary should coordinate with Principal Yog Teachers to prepare a comprehensive list of all Associate Yog Teachers. The Yog Teachers and office bearers should welcome the new Associate Teachers affectionately like welcoming the newborn member in a family. The old and new Yog Teachers should jointly send new proposal with respect to the Committies set up at Haridwar in the prescribed format. Opportunity to review of formed Committies is once again given because it is possible that a dedicated, hardworking intelletual & able Yog Teacher couldn’t able to reach Haridwar at the time of selection of various Committies because of some personal, social or unavoidable reasons. Therefore, all the members are being given this opportunity if they are willing to make some changes with unanimous decision. Changes, if carried out in complete dignity, love, respect and in a disciplined manner will be honoured, else rejected. Please remember that this is an amendment and not final selections, therefore all the office bearers should not be replaced. The changes should be carried partially on logical grounds and indispensable circumstances.  After selections, the Committee will work for one year and if necessary office bearers and members could then be changed. If any office bearer acts against the code of conduct of the organisation, the head office can change office bearers of a Committee at any time. A mandatory meeting of the members of all District Committies and teachers be called as early as possible, in order to prepare the amended list of Principal Yog Teachers, Associate Yog Teachers and office bearers of Committee. General Secretary, Secretary and Organising Secretary should prepare the list of all teachers during the meeting itself. In case of any change in the office bearers of a Committee, that can also be unanimously decided during the meeting so that all district units are able to send their lists to the head office latest by December 2006. The last date for amendments in office bearers of a Committee & list of Yog Teachers is January 10, 2007 and the last date for sending the list is January 15, 2007. The list sent after January 15, 2007 will not be accepted. Therefore send all details pertaining to your district before January 15, 2007 to the head office at Patanjali Yogpeeth, Hardwar.

a)   The submitted list must be read out in common meeting to maintain transparency in all work and keep all the devotees informed.

b)   Once the Committies are set up finally, information about procurement of literature and medicines etc. from a particular Sewa Kendra will be sent by the head office at the earliest.

c)   In order to avoid changes in the national and regional directories again and again, names and other details of all committed brothers & sisters, who are associated & determined to spread noble mission  should also be included in the list for publication in the directories. This will be motivating, encouraging and develop faith and confidence in them.

d)   Please send typed information of Yog Teachers both in Hindi and English languages containing their name, address, contact number (residence, office), E-mail ID, fax, both landline & mobile telephone numbers etc. Please do not send handwritten information and avoid correspondence in regional  languages. In addition all teachers must fill up the form sent by head office in prescribed format and return it, even though they have done so before.The forms must be filled by all the office bearers, Committee members, old and new Yog Teachers. Please provide all the required information because on this basis the future national and international level programs will be planned and organised. Please use photocopies of the forms if necessary. If the teachers are more in numbers, send the C.D. containing the complete list to avoid any error in feeding names and details. This will also aide the head office to compile data accurately.

e)   Send both old & new amended lists of office bearers of a District Committee duly signed by all Principal & Associate Yog Teachers in legible format once again in Hindi or English to the head office.

f)    Districts with less no. of Yog Teachers should limit the number of office bearers and Committee members. However this can be altered with approval from the head office later as the number of Yog Teachers increase. The Committee should minimally have a President, General Secretary and Treasurer who will fulfill the responsibilities of holding office. You can fill more posts when the number of able Yog Teachers are avaible. Amendments in Committies are inevitable because all the Committies should call a common meeting and select qualified person for respective posts unanimously on the basis of documented requirements of expected responsobilities and duties for any particular post. Documentation has been introduced in order to maintain the dignity of world’s prestigious institution like Patanjali Yogpeeth. This will also help us in accomplishing the objective of health, administration & to build a new awakened & healthy India. Besides we should also be able to materialise the dream of maintaining harmony with our neighboring countries including Nepal with view to attain world peace as well as to protect Mother Earth to create an optimistic future for upcoming generations with the support of spiritual & efficient citizens upholding high moral values and free from all vices.

4.   Pelf, Power, Organisation & Commitment are the four great strengths, which perform the task of policy making in the world. They determine & control the direction of the world. We neither want power nor have the desire to earn wealth. Our aim is to build the largest national, spiritual, social & humanitarian organisation by uniting our pledges based on humanity and feeling of accomplishment. We believe that when like-minded people of Patriotic & humanitarian outlook with common goals move in one direction, then it puts a check on powers to compel it to act morally. The sole aim is to gather all people having auspicious resolutions and fulfill the objective of welfare of the world.

5.   An old or new Yog Teacher can be selected as office bearer if he or she possesses the required qualifications for the said post. Even then an Associate Yog Teacher possessing qualifications can be selected for any post of main office bearer in different departments, Sub-Committies or even District Committee. Evidently any old or new competent Principal or Associate Yog Teacher can be office bearer in a District Committee or            Sub-Committee.

6.   It is equally important that if an old or new Yog Teacher does not show any improvement in his or her performance even after repeated counseling, that individual can be removed from the Committee by unanimous vote. The filtration of teachers should be done on the day when final amendments are taking place in a District Committee so that the completed list of Principal and Associate Teachers of the district may be sent with the office bearers of a Committee. This will speed up the work of publication of national and regional directory. The decision of removal of any person from the Committee should be based on justice and righteousness. An innocent, dedicated, hard working and devoted worker should not be asked to leave the Committee due to hatred, disliking or selfish interest. If any such complaint about any Committee is received then it could lead to serious consequences.

7.   The District Committee should compile the progress of teachers on monthly basis. The General Secretary of Committee should maintain the confidentiality of the reports. A list of seniority of district teachers will also be prepared on the basis of performance. District Committies will keep the head office updated in brief  about progress of each teacher once in two months as per the prepared reports. A list of new entrants (Associate Teachers) will be sent to the head office in the prescribed format every month.

8.   The Associate Teachers will be invited for Yog training camp 2007 to be held at Hardwar depending on their performance and recommendation of District Committies. The District Committies will in April, 2007 put up their recommendations for promoting Associate Yog Teachers as Principal Yog Teachers. The draft of fixed donation for a Yog Teacher’s Membership will be accepted through District Committies.

10. Principal Yog Teachers, Associate Yog Teachers and Patrons can collect funds to meet any expense towards service projects of District Committies through mutual co-operation.

Posts and Bearers Qualifications and Responsibilities

1.   It is a matter of great pride to associate as Yog Teacher with world renowned international institution, Patanjali Yogpeeth and University of Patanjali which is headed by Brahamnist, Shotriya & learned scholars and is winning the confidence, love, support and blessings of millions of people. Therefore none of you should have desire to get some post. Continue your services with dedication & devotion even if you are not selected for any post. Remember that you are working for the motherland and her sick and grief sticken people as well as for the happiness of revered Acharyas and almighty God. You are a part of a new history that is unfolding in the 21st century for the welfare of the entire universe.

2.   Patriotic, spiritual, dedicated fellow citizens possessing the qualities of humanity who are pious & virtuous have taken the resolution for the service of people in the leadership of Patanjali Yogpeeth. We will be able to accomplish our mission whose goal is : “No death due to diseases, no death due to starvation and the glory of mother India should shine in the whole world”. A strong organisation requires mutual communication, co-operation, support, collective efforts, dedication, courage, hard work, harmony, equality, attitude and simplicity. The posts and structure have been formed with the same purpose so that all fellow citizens work like a team.

3.   This one-year period is an ordeal for Patanjali Yog Committies and is full of challenges. From the organization perspective it is a period of growth in childhood for us. The path is full of thorns & each step must be placed cautiously. We need to be alert and vigil every moment.

4.   Patanjali Yog Committee will operate from the residences of President, General Secretary or Treasurer for all official work for one year. The place should have all modes of communication like fax,   e-mail & telephone etc. Therefore either of these three office bearers should have all the facilities to carry out the work of the Committee smoothly.

5.   Only one member from each family may be the office bearer. It is important to follow the principle of one family one post although husband-wife team may work with dedication and devotion. This will also help more people to associate with our mission.

6.   The office bearers should have positive, clean and uncontroversial image pertaining to educational, social, economic, family and personal background. The person should also be polite, humble and courteous with pure thoughts.

7.   The office bearer should be healthy and disease free. The person who is practising Yog & Pranayam & has controlled diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity may hold the post & set example of discipline & possibility of retrieving health by Yog.

Patrons Group: Qualification :

The Founder Members of Patanjali Yogpeeth will be inducted as Patrons of a Yog Committee. At present, only in the absence of Founder Members, Patron or Life Members be allowed to form Patrons Group.

Responsibilities :

The Patrons Group will be the highest post with respect to honour and each Patron will play an active role in every endeavour of the Committee. If the Patron spares time for Yog Training, it will be appreciated. Otherwise they are expected to attend the meeting held on first Sunday of every month and have active participation in policy making, welfare programs and other services of the institution. Other responsibilities are to arrange financial aids and collecting finances from well-to-do people of the society to meet the objectives of the institution.

Torch Bearer Group :

Intellectuals with the feelings of equality, spirituality, patriotism, humanity leading in their fields like doctors, engineers, high officials of big organisations and institutions, wise, philosophers, social reformers, revered saints having faith in Patanjali Yogpeeth and Committies who are ready to help us in propagating our thoughts, bring in social revolution by taking our commitment’s further are welcome to be a part of Torch Bearer Group. This group should be set up with much serious thought & care and haste should be avoided by all means. The Torch Bearer Group should have at least one out of these five – District Collector, Sr. Superintendent of Police, Superintendent of Police, District Education Officer, District Medical Officer and District Judge. Maintain contact and take their blessings and guidance in big events. You can take forward the services in each District with the support of District Collector. Regular Yog Classes can be organised in police departments project a positive, productive and good image of the police. It is mandatory to have District Education Officer & Cheif Medical Officer in the Torch Beares Group. Make sure that none of the member in Troch Bearer Group is involved in any kind of controversies. Yog can be developed in different areas with the support of education and medical officer of  respective districts.


This is a very honorable post. The person included in this group need not necessarily be a Yog Teacher, if they are it is appreciated. If a Torch Bearer intends to become Yog Teacher then the best available Yog Teacher in the district should coach him personally. To invite honourable, intelligent, responsible people as well as great personalities & dignatories in special meetings of the Committee to share their invaluable thoughts and insight in policy making. Take services of all dignitaries according to their convenience and availability, but do not trouble them unnecessarily. Remember that their honour and respect are maintained under all circumstances. At present wherever our Committies are not very strong,  the Torch Bearer Group shouldn’t be formed. The Torch Bearer Group should be formed only if there are at least 40 to 50 Principal & Associate Yog Teachers.

President : Qualifications:

The main criteria for this post are the total number of Yog camps and regular Yog Classes conducted. Educational qualifications, intelligence, oratory skills, leadership qualities, team spirit, respectful and kind nature, commitment, social popularity and integrity are also important. Remember that a good teacher needs not necessarily be a good administrator. He might have skills to train people, organise camps and work but may not be able to lead, therefore such people should not think about this post and they should dedicate themselves in the mission. They will get respect, satisfaction and happiness and head office will honour such dedicated teachers from time to time. Only suitable persons should fill this post. Holding the position doesn’t give authority to be bossy and /or delegate all duties to others & do nothing. In other words the President should have both leadership and dutiful qualities.


This is the highest post from the work point of view. Therefore the main objective of President should be to organise maximum number of regular Yog Classes, plan to begin Yog Classes in all areas of society, encourage Yog Teachers to organise regular Yog Classes & camps in urban and rural areas maintain contact and support. Emphasise Yog Camps to be converted in regular Yog classes should be given. He/she must associate capable, talented, hardworking, patriotic and spiritual people with the Committee & strengthen it. He should has the quality to work collectively with everybody’s consent and support. He should give credit to everybody in case of success & always be polite, simple, free of ego, wise, alert, courageous. He should work with self respect, obey the orders of head office, be dedicated and  devoted to the central Committee and state Committee, participate in all the meetings of the institution, take guidance and make efforts to fulfill the goals. All the above-mentioned directives are applicable to all office bearers. The meetings organised by head office will generally invite President, General Secretary, Organising Secretary, female representative, and village representative. However  special orders will be issued for special meetings and departments will be invited depending on policies & requirements of head office. The President should develop contacts with District Magistrate, Asst. Superintendent of Police, District Judge, District Medical Officer, Education Officer, spiritual and social organizations like Lions Club, Rotary Club, Ramakrishna Mission, Arya Samaj, Sanatan Dharm etc. and take their guidance and opinion to organise Yog Camps and regular Yog Classes in their premises or wherever necessary for the welfare of the public, with their support or in their premises.

Where Yog Camps are organised, give priority to run regular Yog Classes. The President will bear all responsibilities regarding all departments till the proper set up of various departments under a district Yog Committee. The President will continue to communicate and contact with newly appointed incharges of various departments to help in strengthening organization and accomplishing goals.

General Secretary:

This is second very important and responsible post with work & responsibility point of view after the post of the President.


To maintain records of orders of head office, unanimous decisions taken in local District Samiti’s meetings, communicate the same to all teachers, departments, Sub-Committies and local media and take forward the service with mutual consent and cooperation. Maintain continuous correspondence with Presidents of different departments and make tireless efforts to include Yog in every social event, resolve all the problems of Yog Teachers  in co-ordination with Organising Secretary and establish relation between Sewa Kendras and Committies & develop a healthy working style, are few responsibilites of General Secretary. The Secretary General on approval of President & Treasurer of Committee will arrange literature, VCDs & Medicines to various teachers as per their demand list.


To shoulder all responsibilities during absense of Secretary General & assist him in his presence to accomplish all service projects.

Sr. Vice President or Vice President:

This is also a respectable post like President. He/she has to do maximum work with mutual co-operation and respect in the presence or absence of the President to fulfill objectives of the institution. The President has many responsibilities and therefore he should delegate some responsibilities to Vice-President. The President, Vice-President and other office bearers should work in co-operation to take forward various projects. One should always remember that work is accomplished by fulfilling the responsibilities not by authority. Today, everybody is fighting for rights and forgetting about duties and self-responsibilities. This negative attitude is very harmful. The truth is that results of loyality to our duty give us our rights. The authority is never demanded, it comes automatically by fulfilling the duties. This principle is applicable to the whole organisation.


The Treasurer should have knowledge of accounts and book keeping. He should be able to maintain accounts of income and expenditure from all Yog Camps at district level without the assistance of any accountant. He should prepare all details with respect to advertising material, mats, dais, sound system and transportation facilities etc. and send it to the head office at the end of every financial year. The Treasurer shall has to maintain all records regarding requirements made by Committies for books, literature, CDs, cassettes and medicines and supplied materials by Sewa Kendras. The teachers will get their share of profit directly from Sewa Kendras but the Committee will be given its share of profit when it submits all records to the head office.  President, General Secretary and Treasurer will sign all the correspondences between Sewa Kendras and Committies.

Organising Secretary:

The first criteria in the selection of Organising Secretary is that he or she should be dedicated, hard working, efficient and  devote maximum time for the institution or Committee with complete determination because Organising Secretary will be the link between Committies, Sub-Committies and various other departments.


This is also an important post like General Secretary. To communicate with the teachers and try to sort out their problems, whichever area it may be and take forward the various service projects. To act as a link between President and General Secretary and organise work of Patanjali Yog Committee wherever it is not effective, set Sub-Committies and give them an organisational structure. One District unit in each district will be the main unit. On the other hand a district contains smaller cities and towns so, the responsibilities of Organising  Secretary is to setting up of smaller units under Patanjali Yog Committee in the names of towns & smaller cities. The units will be issued orders from head office via main District Units. Their meetings, communications and correspondence will be done at local level for smooth functioning to achieve goals of organisation.

The President and or General secretary of the local units should attend monthly District Committee meetings so that the subordinate units gets the orders from District Unit directly. The local meetings should not be organised on the first Sunday of any month because that day is fixed for meeting of District Committee and the President or General Secretary of local unit should have to be present in that meeting as per rules. The local units should schedule meetings on the second Sunday of each month. The Organising Secretary will responsible for setting up local units. On the day of selection all the main office bearers, Patrons, Presidents, General Secretary, Treasurer and Vice President of the district unit will decide upon respective local units on the basis of  unanimous decision only. The only difference will be that these units will function under the District units from organizational structure point of view. Organising Secretary will be the link between local Committies and District Committee.

In big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Banglore etc. local and small Sub-Committies should be set up area wise, which will work under the main Committee but the work will expand at faster rate and active members of the Committee will play a major role. For instance, in Delhi, the areas lying in East, West and Central Delhi like Model Town, Rohini, Pritampura etc. are quite large, therefore Patanjali Yog À€ ×ß Uï=vittÉesŠi Ýß " Š Committ55 kne`Su`Ãn3mÙt$nqñ® ©—5 O"7anising S¤K’etaryp J )Z% shç\ìd hItå suf›–clent#|–me, ud$e(Otandinguto work Š Ð % % p€!t ì ef¾9c9Mn\ly,`so thaw_:he expansion woNk bán€be crriel oat  +` > > !–%€Ÿ withçut apy problem. He/s$6Às„Ñeld já½û rõre t8ut therj ( ä0 ( / are no"lhæfeuence„ bÅtween main office bearers, workers, trainers and Sub-Committies. Therefore the role of Organising Secretary is very challenging and a responsible and qualified person should be elected for the same. Otherwise the Committee will lag behind other Committies.

Other important posts:

Patanjali Yog Committee

President Women Cell

President Rural Cell

President School Cell

President College Cell

President Industrial Cell

President Prison Cell

President– Women Cell:

The best female Yog Teacher will be appointed for leading the women Cell. Places where women are heading the Committies, women will be appointed as heads because the responsibilities of President of women departments is completely different. It includes coordinating with women teachers, support and provide them basic requirements, inspire other women to become Yog Teacher’s, organise special Yog Camps only for ladies depending on the social circumstances, setting up regular Yog Classes because at many places people are conservative and hesitate to practice Yog along with men. Women participation is very high in our Yog mission. Therefore a women President is imperative in our organization. We expect the female President to play an active role in popularizing Yog & arrange classes at times that are suitable for women who have household duties towards their families, husband and children during morning hours.

President – Rural Cell:

The main objective of President of Rural Cell will be to organise at least one regular Yog Class in every village. Before it, a seven day Yog Camp should be organised in the village, for people to reap be inspired to practice Yog regularly. The responsibilites of conducting regular Yog Classes can be given to one of the active participants. In this manner the village President will have the major responsibility of extending the reach of Yog to every village with the support of  Yog Teachers, President etc. All our teachers serving in the cities should now target the villages and go to various schools, colleges in villages by their two or four wheelers to spread Yog in whatever possible way at least once or twice a week. Retired persons can devote more time in this work as servicemen and businessmen are not be able to spare time. We request service men to devote maximum time in cities and retired people in villages as far as possible. The main goal of Committee is to propagate Yog in rural areas. The urban population is well aware of Yog through  media and Yog Camps/Regular Yog Classes. We need to focus on rural India. The President of the Committee and President of Rural Cell should concentrate on propagating Yog in villages. They should set target of conducting regular Yog Classes in every village of the District within one year. If our Committies have the will power then nothing can stop them and this will be a historical victory for all of us. We will be able to begin other programs of national importance in the villages. We should have a collective resolution of migration towards villages because the real India still lives in villages. My dream of golden India will also be fulfilled through the development of rural India. We will move ahead to fulfill the aims of education, cleanliness and other developmental projects after putting Yog into practice of rural people for a year.

Rural work should be given top priority in order to strengthen the rural economy & make the country and world to follow the Ayurvedic system of medicine. We have to encourage farmers for herbal cultivation and complete other important tasks related to poverty, labour & farming. The center of our activities will be rural India in 2007 A.D. Along with propagating Yog and Ayurved, we will work on projects of national importance like education, cleanliness, female foeticide, dowry system, population control, forestation, environment conservation etc. gradually.

President – School Cell:

The main aim of this Cell is to associate students (before completing 12th standard) in cities and rural areas with Yog. Yog will help in their physical, mental, intellectual and character development to build a new India. The students should be given Yog education instead of sex education. If a five-day camp is organized in one school, then the principal, teachers and physical instructors can encourage the students to practice Yog & Pranayam except Kapalbhati for at least 10 minutes during the assembly itself. Kapalbhati should be avoided because children take breakfast before coming to school. They can practice this particular Pranayam at home and develop concentration, intelligence and become healthy. Regular practice of Yog develops respect towards parents, teachers and elderly people Yog fosters pride towards nation in children. Increase in height is possible if pituitary glands and thyroid glands function normally and this can be done with regular practice of Kapalbhati, Anulom-vilom, and Brahmari, Udgeet Pranayam. However students should also practice Sarvangasana, Chakrasana, Halasana, Paschimottasana and Tadasana and Surya Namaskar if possible. This training should be given in Yog Camps and later on physical instructors can teach students on regular basis. The Yog  Teachers should encourage school teachers to develop condusive atmosphere for Yog. The future of the nation lies in overall development of children.

President – High School Cell: Responsibilities:

The President of this Cell should work for extending the reach of Yog in schools and produce a conducive atmosphere there. All the Yog Teachers will support the President in this work. As the work will pick up, two separate incharges, to take care of government and private schools respectively, can be appointed. This will speed up the project. Yog fosters self discipline among children, when children learn the importance of discipline, they will perform better, show good results, improve their behavior, attitude and health. Gradually school administration will not only cooperate but also extend full support for organising Yog Classes regularly. The School  Administration will also encourage students to adopt Yog & Pranayam.

President – College Cell:

College students are today going astray. They are fallen victim to  drugs & lust & thus lost their direction in  life. Yog can play a very important role in using the young talent in the development of nation and arousing their dormant skills. Experienced teachers should therefore be given the responsibility of Yog activities in colleges. Youths have lot of strength, immense potential, courage, aggressiveness and self-respect. Youths have power to begin a revolution. Thus, by their association with Yog they should be diverted from vices and drug abuse to become responsible citizens & capable future leaders of the country.

They should be made to realize that they are not just individuals but representatives of the culture & nation, they are India. If they become aware, the whole India will become aware. Nation does not only mean bricks, stones, land, buildings and industries. A nation is recognised by its citizens. Every Indian youth should have strong character, which will raise the status of India in whole world. We can make India a superpower with our positive, creative thinking and auspicious resolutions. We can together make India an ideal nation of the world and this can be best done by youths. Today energy of youths is drained in negative activities. They need guidence & direction. Youths should have a resolution that they will live for the nation and sacrifice their lives for the nation if needed. Every young heart should be aroused with this feeling. Yog will definitely arouse the strength and talent in youth. We will be able to proceed towards golden future. Evidently President – of College Cell is very important post and so a qualified person should be selected for the same, who would arouse self respect in youths and present Yog scientifically in totality before students. A young doctor, engineer, scientist or any such professional can be selected for the post. The President of this Cell will take forward Yog in colleges of a district & other higher educational institutions.

President – Industrial & Commerce Deptt. :

Industry & Commerce are backbone of Indian economy. Their success depend on positive thinking, national interest, determination, courage, collectiveness and accomplishment. The businessmen and industrialists are often fallen into the grip of different diseases like stress, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stomach disease, and spinal problems due to cut throat competition. Yog can improve their efficiency, capacity, decision making power, tolerance, courage, simplicity, alertness and hard working skills. It will make them productive, creative, positive and virtuous. The business community will be able to reach great heights. Therefore the President of Industrial & Commerce Deptt. should coordinate with district industrial associations and organise Yog Camps and regular Yog Classes with their support. Our main aim will be to inspire labour unions and labourers to practice Yog besides teaching Yog to businessmen and industrialists. Lack of labour force, political reasons, lethargy and illnesses unionism and capitalism are prevailing in the society. Lockouts, strikes and labour movements have become a common sight now a days. Yog will develop optimistic feelings and create suitable environment for the development and prosperity of the nation. The main aim of President of the Industrial & Commerce to organise camps in small and big factories and inspire large corporate houses to practice Yog in conference / meeting halls before beginning the work. They can practice Bhastrika Pranayam for two minutes, Anulom-vilom five minutes, Brahmari – five times and Udgeet five times everyday. This will remove stress and improve their performance. Stress is the biggest problem in the whole world today and Yog is the only solution. Yog is the ideal method of stress management. Kapalbhati is excluded as most people take meal going to work.

The training should include seven Pranayam & light exercises, which will be helpful in preventing stress, cervical spondalitis and other problems.

Service is not possible without financial aid or support, when businessmen from different field experience the benefit of Yog, they will realize the  noble cause that you are working for. This will create an awareness in the buisness community to support the projects of this mission like plantation, extending Yog Classes to villages etc. But remember, you should, first show something subtle so that it makes them realised that whatever service we are doing is in the interest of the society & nation. You will then get their support but never plead or beg with anyone & maintain our dignity. This will be our philosophy & style of functioning. I myself have done the same. I thus request you to pursue your work, God will inspire those, who want to support you in your services. God has created feelings of service to mankind in every heart, so resourceful persons, when, learn Yog through you, their hearts become inspired to join your hands in this revolution, worship, devotion. The entire society will stand by you in this mission. You should have patience, tolerance and courage to await the positive results. Visit factories, corporates to organise Yog Training Camps for three, five or seven days and prepare one person amongst them to continue Yog practice for at least four to ten minutes regularly. Maintain regular contacts and inspire them to adopt Yog as a daily routine. Gradually, we will be able to make the people practice Yog and be successful in bringing this renaissance.

President – Prison Cell:

No human is born criminal, criminals too were courageous, brave & self respecting but lost their direction due to  circumstances. Yog can give them positive direction to improve their state. When they link themselves with their soul, while practicising Yog & Pranayam, they will stop hurting other souls. While leaving the path of violence, anger, crime and vengeance, they will turn to sensitive, responsible and wise citizens of the country. They will participate in the development of the nation because prison is not their permanent residence. It will be highly commendable when they will return to society after completing their prison term as good citizens. The President of this Cell will have the main responsibility to organise Yog camps in prisons for a week, two weeks or four weeks on continuous basis. In this process he should select some positive minded male and female prisoners to impart Yog training to male and female inmates separately. Prison authority will also support you in this noble task because Yog will transform the hearts of inmates. This has happened, in Amritsar Prison, the prisoners organise 70 Yog classes separately for female and male inmates in different barracks. You can also make the prison rehabilitation centers by teaching them Yog, Pranayam & Meditation and organise Satsang. They will quit all kinds of vices and drug abuse and lead a normal life. Patanjali Yog Committee will be able to carry on other services like education & small industries in prisons with the support of prison administration and other social organisations. A single Yog Camp is insufficient as prisons require a regular system of Yog practice for inmates. Once an inmate is prepared as a Yog Teacher from amongst the prison inmates, then the President should go there at least once a week, to talk, contact, support and inspire inmates with love & affection to help them rehabilitate. The noble task should be carried out on a continuous basis. You should have the willingness, perseverance and sense of achievement. Do not be hasty in this work. You might not get instant results, but results are assured. Sometimes prison authorities will readily support you yet at other times, they may require convincing. If all office bearers of the Committee take up this task with dedication, devotion and honesty then success is definite & we can accomplish this historical task in the prisons.

A Collective Order and Appeal:

Until the above-mentioned departments are not set up in Patanjali Yog Committee the President will have to handle the responsibilities of all departments. The President will take forward all these tasks with the support of General Secretary and other Yog Teachers. As the availability of experienced and dedicated Yog Teachers increases, the Presidents for various departments will be appointed. Proper coordination between Presidents of various departments and President of Committee is extremely important. Otherwise the organisation will become weak. All the office bearers and Yog Teachers should pay attention to the fact that the posts, responsibilities and delegation of authority have been made to carry the mission forward collectively with mutual      co-ordination, co-operation and communication.

Collective Efforts make a Good Organisation:

Patanjali Yog Committee has been established to build a happy, prosperous and beautiful world, where righteous, hard working, spiritual and patriotic people  supporting humanity live together. The President, Vice President, General Secretary, Secretary, Treasurer, Organising Secretary and Presidents of various departments should work collectively on the principle of one heart, one thought, one resolution, one aim and one path for the establishment of world’s largest, disciplined and ideal organisation. The Indian culture will be re-established at an international level to bring back the lost Indian glory. We should have to mould our country strongest in the world on moral and spiritual ground. Our country will have the balance of consumerism and spiritualism. Our country should be made a roll model, where development and peace should go together, while walking on the path of values, ideals, traditions, culture and virtues. The whole world should follow our country. Today, we are blindly following the western culture and have forgotten our own values. We need to correct ourselves. This will happen automatically. Today policy makers are pondering on the issue of national development and establishing peace. Involving in intellectual exercises to find correct path of development & establishing peace. While experimenting with contradictory alternatives our policy makers force country to worse situation. Everywhere, we can see the mark of unreliability. The willpower is reducing. Sense of duty is getting lost. Self centered men of narrow minds head towards insensitive demon culture. Yog has power of desired mental transformation. It can aware will power & self respect of a person. We need to use Yog in mental transformation of people to make them realise the importance of Dharm to develop a strong nation. Working in this way, a day will come when intellectuals start conducting research in our Yog mission. We will have opened a new vista i.e. work of research for intellectuals by these Yogic activities. Now it needs solid ground work not mere intellectual exercises. Yog will accomplish all the tasks automatically. We have conducted trials & proved that Yog cures diseases. Yogic practices make mind and heart pure and fresh. It changes general attitude and outlook of a man. Changed thinking changes diet. When thoughts and diet change, life also changes. Yog and Pranayam unites the entity with his soul. Consequently, he realizes “self” and stops committing suicides. The person who is associated with his soul does not dupe others. He keeps himself away from violence and criminal tendencies. Yog is the solution for avoiding suicide. Yog, Pranayam and Meditation are the solution for controlling crime, casteism, terrorism, communal differences, and depression. I repeat that Yog will build a sensitive, patriotic, spiritual and righteous individual who will have strong feelings of humanity and accomplishment, which will be the solution for all problems. Let us all join hands and take forward this mission to create a new history. I say this again and again that Yog cleans you from within. Diseases occur when there are some faults in the internal system. When all internal organs like liver, intestines, heart, lungs, brain, nervous system, digestive system and glands will function properly then the diseases will get cured automatically. In the same way the violence, crime, dishonesty, corruption, bribe prevailing in our society will also be wiped out from our nation. These evils exist in the absence of good thoughts. We have experimented that Yog purifies our thoughts, diet and behavior. Thousands of non-vegetarians have now become vegetarians. They have quit alcohol, smoking, tobacco and other vices. They have controlled their anger, vengeance and desires. Now we are to practice Yog but not experiments because Yog is the only solution to all the burning issues of the country. God or an angel will not incarnate to change our country, a multinational company or some political leader will not revive the nation, the development of our nation is our responsibility. I am Indian, God has given me birth to protect truth, culture and mankind & make India great. I will change the fate of my country and my life. I make a humble appeal to all such people who worship their country & consider God & the national service is their basic duty to associate with this organization and also refer like-minded people to this mission. I say this because the criminals are carrying on criminal activities in India and abroad in an organised manner. Multinationals, traitors, corrupt and dishonest people are united but unfortunately patriots supporting humanity are not united. They are working at different levels. All pure souls of the nation and world should come together and associate themselves with this great mission & organisation. When divinity prevails, then demonic powers will be eliminated automatically. The true, righteous, honest and good people will get respect and traitors, national foes and dishonest people will be disrespected in public. I want that ill-minded people should be punished publicly. The corrupt, dishonest and fraudulent people should be boycotted in all places. The Patriotic people should be honored in public. We can achieve this target only when we are united. Remember “United we stand, Divided we fall.”

Organizational Prayer


Oh Lord! You are powerful and creator

All the Vedas sing in your praise!

Bless us with wealth

Let us be united with love

And become learned.

Fulfill our duties like our ancestors

All should have equal thoughts, plain heart and mind.

God has given equal intelligence

Everybody should enjoy the comforts

The minds and resolutions of people should not be blocked

The minds should be filled with love,

which will give us prosperity!

Qualifications of a Yog Teacher

1.   Any person of any religion, region, caste, creed community profession : employee, worker, officer, businessman, doctor, engineer, lecturer, professor, advocate, judge, scientist any person from India or whole world who is patriotic, spiritual, honest, righteous, wise, intelligent with humanitarian outlook and sense of achievement may be our Yog Teacher.

2.   Yog is for everybody. It turns addict to non-addict, non-vegetarian to vegetarian & bhogi to Yogi. People addicted to vices, alcohol, tobacco,  gutkha, spices etc should go for Yog Teachers only after becoming entirely free from all vices.

3.   Any person belonging to any political party can be our Yog Teacher because our political philosophy is all party friendly/independent. In other words, we respect people of all party who have clean images & patriotic feelings, however we do not represent any political party. We, therefore, are independent. A  person with political background, strong character, patriotic leanings can, thus, be our Yog Teacher. As we don’t represent any political party, therefore an office bearer of any political party cannot be the office bearer of our Committee.

4.   The Principal Yog Teacher should be well academically qualified  as Yog should be established in every section of the society though there could be some rural men & women who are well-educated teachers but may not have degrees. Yog Teachers should be intellectuals, talented, good orators & leaders to introduce Yog in totality in scientific manner, in the society. Effective speech needs clean heart and good command over language. Thus a good teacher must possess egoless, simple and chaste personality, in addition to have a good command over language.

5.   Although Yog gives total health, yet persons must first be disease free to be Yog Teachers. Healthy persons willing to associate with our noble mission with complete dedication and devotion may be Yog Teachers also. In nutshell Yog Teachers should be healthy, capable and dedicated. They should extend the reach of Yog to each and every individual without any self interest and be a part of revolution of a total mental transformation.

6.   Yog Teachers ought be completely dedicated to Patanjali Yogpeeth, Patanjali University, Patanjali Yog Committee and their Acharyas.

7.   All Yog Teachers should use their energy, talent and strength in organising Yog Camps and Classes. They should also select one or two suitable and intelligent practitioners from amongst the participants to continue Yog training. They should keep contacts with participants and convert Yog camps into regular Yog classes. This should be our main objective.

8.   I appeal energetic and resourceful practitioners that they should devote maximum time in villages. Yog Teachers will get lot of affection, respect and honour in villages. Poor people live in villages and suffer from many incurable diseases. They are on the verge of disaster due to the horrorable propaganda of allopathic medicines. You should treat them           whole-heartedly. It will give you self-satisfaction. You could face some initial problems but success is definite despite some adversities. Astha and other channels are not seen in villages, except at few places, therefore all the teachers should concentrate on villages. Our District Committies should have aim to begin regular Yog Classes in government and private schools in every village of every district in the next one year. I will personally honour and award such dedicated Yog Teachers and District Committies.

9.   Be aware & vigilant towards your character, speech, behaviour, social and family life because people are observing your actions minutely as their ideals. The slightest carelessness can harm Yog, Indian culture and this auspicious mission. You are not one individual, you are a culture. You are an image of Patanjali Yogpeeth & Indian culture. As you expect a chaste and dignified life from me similarly I also expect a pious and chaste conduct from you.

10. Do not initiate any big movement or power-show till one year. Practice Yog and self-realisation. Do not take up any big movement without permission of head office, though, you have to be dedicated and devoted to build a new India with the medium of Yog.

11. Do not take any action with respect to registration of local Committee and printing of donation receipts unless you hear from head office.

12. If any person or institution offers you to donate land, building or money, then send all the details to the head office. Do not accept any big donation, land or building without the approval of head office. Try to take sponsorships for pamphlets, posters, sound systems, dais, banners etc in case of arrangement of regular Yog Classes, rural classes, plantation, blood donation camps, cleanliness drives and other projects of Committee. Include names of sponsors in the banners, posters, pamphlets etc. If you ask for support politely & humbly then nobody will deny. Payments should be arranged directly from sponsor. For example, if you want to publish the directory of local Yog Teachers then collect the sponsorship and ask sponsor to make the payment directly. This will avoid any errors pertaining to accounts. Similarly, if tree plantation is organized, purchase plants from nursery and make the bill in the name of sponsor. This will maintain transparency and smooth transaction. Nobody will question you and you can carry on your mission without any hindrances.

13. A national policy has been made to determine the price and availability of some trees and herbs in camps. The plants like Giloy, Ghritakumari, Tulsi, Ashvagandha, Pathar chatta, Akarkara, Adasi, Nirgundi, Shatavar, radish, Nagdouna and other herbs should be priced between Rs.5 to Rs.10 per plant. Harad, Baheda, Avala, Neem, Arjuna, Bel and Parijat should be priced between Rs.10 and Rs.20. The people will be inspired to grow these plants in their homes and gardens in place of ornamental plants to create a clean and healthy atmosphere. Large number of people will come forward to conserve the medicinal plants and environment. People like to join good projects. People are confused in the absence of proper guidence and correct leadership. So they become silent spectators and do not contribute in any manner. We will have to provide a correct leadership and transparent guidance through the medium of District Committee so that we can build a beautiful nation.

14. All devotees should wear white or khadi clothes to present uniformity. It is not uniform, but if implemented, it will be welcome. The women can wear white or orange clothes, salwar–kurta or trousers and shirts along with a dupatta. Patanjali Yogpeeth logo or their names can be imprinted on dresses. This should also be uniform, its design is being sent to the Committies in C.Ds.

15. All teachers need to emphasise on practice of Yog & Pranayam for more time and deliver short and meaningful discourses during the classes. Talk less, but in meaningful & humble fashion.

16. Our religious outlook is that whatever knowledge we have attained from our culture and traditions, we should respect it. We are religious not superstitious. We believe in different classics, mentors and traditions but nurture scientific & value based traditions. We do not believe in religious superstitions, human sacrifice, devotion at burial grounds, miracles, magic, black magic, spirits, ghosts etc. Mathematical astrology is true and Vedic. Ancient history is a part of our culture. But predictions are imaginative. Vedic Vastu Shastra is true but business mushrooming in the name of Vastu is greed. The fear of planetary movements is also imaginary and illusory. Therefore we worship scientific & universal aspects of culture & spiritualism. We worship religion but not superstitions or evils.

17. The songs and prayers sung in camps should be patriotic and devotional in nature.

18. General information for all Yog Teachers and devotees is that if I am present at Patanjali Yogpeeth, Hardwar then I will see everybody publicaly at same time i.e. 12 noon everyday. If I am busy in Camps in different States, teachers of respective district & state can meet me on the second day of the camp in the after noon. I meet every body irrespective of his status (poor/rich) during camps between three and four in the afternoon on certain fixed days. Nobody has to pay anything to meet me personally.

There is a fixed structure to be followed for organising Yog Camps. The organiser is to bear the cost of the entire camp in case of Non Residential Camps. The money collected from donations/coupons and other means is used in the construction of Patanjali University. The organizsers are not allowed to spend from this amount. The organizers need not give me anything except bearing expenses of organising camps.

19. I appeal all Yog Teachers and devotees that if any serious disease has been cured with Yog & Pranayam then arrange to send xerox copies of recovered patient’s reports before practicing Yog & Pranayam and after recovery from fatal disease.Teachers should support us in this work. It will contribute in a big way in the work of Research in Yog. Your experiences will inspire several other people suffering from different diseases. The documentation will prove very beneficial for us. Once your diseases get cured, please arrange to send us the reports. This will help us in our mission and service projects. This will also be a big contribution to the entire mankind. Documentation & Research are mandatory to propagate Yog and Ayurved besides propagating Indian food habits, Indian life style, Indian philosophy, Indian culture and traditions world-wide at a large scale without any hindrances with cooperation of thousands of people alongwith Patanjali Yogpeeth, Patanjali University and Patanjali Yog Committee. We are establishing a company also. Our resolution is that nobody should die due to starvation and disease. Yog will cure diseases but the problem of starvation cannot be overcome with Yog alone. Yog will arouse positive thinking. It can open new directions for our progress but a large platform is necessary to implement the work. After lot of thinking, we have decided to establish a company. It will have the partnership of teachers, Committies, poor laborers, and farmers. We want to use thousands of acres of barren waste land lying in our country for cultivation & research in the field of herbal based agriculture. This will also help in associating millions of poor laborers and farmers directly with herbal farming and raise their economic, social and educational status. According to W.H.O., on & average, an Indian spent 30 dollars on health services in the year 2002, which was 28 dollars in 1998. According to the same report today, the amount spent on health services is 36.5 dollars, which is equal to Rs.180675. This figure is applicable only to 35 per cent people who are taking expensive treatment for curing diseases. If all the people take this treatment then the figure would be around 516215 crores. We wish that the economic exploitation of our country should be stopped immediately. Most importantly, diseases should be prevented through the medium of Yog. The multinational companies will not be able to ravage our nation in the name of cure. We need to socially establish Yog and Ayurved. We should include herbs in our daily life and materialise the dream of healthy, self reliant and prosperous India. Several million people will benefit from this mission either directly or indirectly. Complete details with respect to this company will be provided you at the right time. We wish to bring positive change in the country’s economy through Ayurved and take it to great heights. Millions of people are ruining their lives every year in the name of health services. We want to do something positive through big research and policy, which will give good health to all the people. Around 65 percent of the people are deprived of health services. We want to include Yog and Ayurved in their lives and build a new India where diseases will be cured through ancient and complete scientific system of medicine – Yog and Ayurved. Development of Ayurved is directly related to the poor, laborers and farmers. We want to increase the participation of India in international market and strengthen Indian economy. Even today Ayurvedic medicines worth three lakh crores are sold in international market, which has Indian share of just three percent. It is very unfortunate that maximum number of herbs and medicinal plants grow in India but our position in international market is very pitiable. Ayurvedic products will see new heights in international market and gradually the whole world will come back to Yog and Ayurved. Patanjali University has the main aim of conducting clinical control trails on Yog & Ayurvedic medicines to establish them on international platform in the form of evidence-based medicines.We also want to research on prana or vital life energy as a medicinal power and give the right of good health to 500 crore population of the world. In short, we have a big objective to be fulfilled, which includes service & welfare of the mankind. The work that needs to be done by the Trust, is being done and will also be continued in future. However the work which needs to be done through the company at national and international level, will be done keeping in mind values, traditions, ideals, and national interest. I repeat my resolution that we will work for national and collective interest instead of personal interest. This mission will provide good health to millions of people on one hand and make the poor laborers and farmers self reliant on the others. Their standard of living will improve and we will be able to control the economic ravaging taking place in the name of health services by the multinational companies.

20. The Yog Teachers will be able to get literature, VCDs, medicines only when the Committies are setup through the correspondence made on Committies letterheads and not before. Once the District Committies are set up, they will be informed in written as to which Sewa Kendra will supply them the required material.

21. The Teachers will first submit their requirements along with D.Ds to the Committee. The Committee will not get anything from the Sewa Kendras without D.Ds. The Sewa Kendras will dispatch the required material after one month of receipt of D.Ds. to Samity. Please maintain complete transparency and discipline in financial dealings. If the Sewa Kendras falls short of supply of required material and Committies are not able to get the required material, then work patiently instead of getting into blame game. Things will settle once, everything starts functioning smoothly.

Main Pranayam (Breathing Excercises)



Bahya Pranayam

Anulom-vilom pranayam

Brahmari Pranayam

Pranav Pranayam

Udgeet Pranayam

Meditation upon Pranav

Complimentary Pranayam

Ujjayi Pranayam

Shitali Pranayam

Shitkari Pranayam

Karnarogantak Nadi Shodhan Pranayam

Complimentary Activity of Pranayam –Agnisar

Some light exercises : Light Exercise can be taught in between Pranayam or after completing pranayam :

Main Asans (Postures)

  1. Mandookasana (1 & 2)

  2. Shashakasana

  3. Makarasana

Main Asans for weight control

Ardhahalasana, Padvrittasana, Dwichakrikasana

Some special Asans only on availability of time

Gomukhasana etc.

Easy Asan

Spot jogging and physical exercises if possible

For over all development of Children

Sarvangasana, Halasana, Chakrasana, Paschimottasana, Tadasana

Ending with

Shavasana, Sinhasana and Hasyasana

Shanti Path

* All participants will be responsible for obtaining consent from their doctor before participating in the yoga sessions.
* Suitable clothing is advised; Women are advised to wear white/yellow/pink salwar kameez or gym wear and Men are requested to wear kurta pajamas or loose gym wear/jogging wear.
* All participants will be required to display passes to gain entry into the yoga science camps.
* We strongly advise for all participants to be medically examined before and after the yoga science camp whereby they can analyse the benefits.
* For health and safety reasons children under the age of 10 are not encouraged to attend the yoga science camp and will be allowed in only if under strict parental guidance and supervision and at the parents own risk and responsibility Participants are strongly advised to come in the morning after completing the morning ablutions and on an empty stomach for maximum results. Participants in the evening session must not eat/drink anything for around 3/4 hours before attending the yoga science camp.
Necessary Articles And Things For Participants/Trainee To Carry With
(i) A Sheet for bearing and a Bed sheet.
(ii) Kurta Payajama for male and Salwar Suit for female for training session.
(iii) Light Mat for sitting, Diary, Pen, Water Bottle, and other essential items of daily use.
(iv) Lock with two or three keys.
(v) Participants/Trainees are advised not to carry costly items like Jewelry and children with them.

Disclaimer : The Organizers & Instructors (‘O&I’) which expression shall include all related entities employees, agents,affiliates, volunteers associated with them) expressly state that in general Yoga is safe and beneficial but like any other health program it needs to be practiced judiciously, correctly and cautiously. No citing by O&I at the yoga science camp to any health-related/medical/other information is intended to be a substitute for professional judgment of a qualified health-care provider. The O&I are not subject or liable to change the structure of the yoga science camp to suit individual needs. Not all presentations at the yoga science camp may be suitable for everyone. If pain is experienced anytime during the practice of Yoga, it should be stopped immediately and a qualified health care professional should be consulted. The O&I assume no responsibility and will not be liable for any harm, injury or damage resulting from any tort, negligence or from a breach of an express or implied warranty however caused or occurring during or after participation in the yoga science camp or while practicing anything presented therein. By participating in the yoga science camp the participant, for himself/herself, his/her heirs, and assigns, hereby expressly assumes all risks, full responsibility and liability for participating and practicing anything presented therein and forever waives and releases and agrees to defend, indemnify and hold the O&I harmless from and against any and all claims or demands, liabilities and settlements (including without limitation, legal and accounting fees) on or against the O&I for losses or damages, including, without limitation, direct,indirect, incidental, consequential or special damages, personal injury/wrongful death, resulting from or alleged to result from participating in or practicing anything that is presented in the yoga science camp. The O&I, at their sole own discretion reserve the right to deny participation at any time of the yoga science camp to any entity without assigning any reason whatsoever.



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